What happens with a tree falling on a roof accident in Georgia? 🌲

It is difficult to predict accidents like a tree falling on a roof. After all, this can happen for a variety of reasons that do not give you enough warning. However, the important thing is not how you can prevent an accident but how you are going to deal with it. It is important to be prepared for any damage to your assets.

If you have lived long enough, you have surely noticed that our most expensive assets are usually more exposed to dangers. That is, our cars and homes are difficult to protect against natural and man-made accidents. That’s why one of the best tips you can have is to have a fund for such incidents.

Why do trees fall on your roof? First of all we must consider the location of your house and the type of vegetation around it. There are places where it is very difficult to avoid tree impact accidents due to the presence of trees everywhere. Of course, there are also trees that cause more damage than others.

Those trees with thick trunks or many branches are usually the ones that can cause more damage to your roof. These tend to fall due to different phenomena that occur externally and internally. Among these we can find:

  • Longevity is one of the main risk factors. An old tree increases notoriously its probabilities of falling to the ground.
  • There are many pests that live inside trees and weaken them over time. They feed inside the tree.
  • Storms with high wind speeds are the most important factors by which a tree can fall. It is impossible to know when one of these will be strong enough to cause such an effect.

How to avoid damage from a tree falling on the roof


Once it happens, the damage is considerable depending on the weight of the tree. However, it is not a matter of doing nothing, since today you can protect your property against this possibility. Natural disasters will not be a problem for the solutions we propose here.

1. Control tree growth

All trees on your property are under your domain and therefore you decide to what extent you want them to grow. This means that you can cut the branches to prevent them from becoming a problem for your roof.

Also, if for some reason you see that the tree has aged or has deteriorated due to some pest you can cut them with professional help. This will allow you to avoid any problems such as the tree falling on your roof. In addition, you will have a work crew that will be able to take the waste to an ideal depot.

2. Remove fallen material from trees

Many times it is not only the tree itself that is a problem when it falls on the roof, but also the debris it generates. Normally we can find that nuts, leaves and branches are falling and causing damage to the shingles. The most normal thing is that the material that forms them is detached and therefore they lose their function.

However, the real problem occurs when debris accumulates in the drainage systems. This causes the water to remain stagnant, which can produce serious problems of humidity and leaks. For that reason you should perform constant cleanings to keep your roof clean and free of organic matter.

What happens if you could not prevent the tree from falling?

Of course, even with all the care taken, the accident that we do not want to happen may end up happening. However, the most important thing is that after the incident has occurred you can deal with it. This includes carrying out all the necessary procedures to avoid further problems.

  • No one can be inside the house once the tree falls on the roof. This can lead to a dangerous collapse for your family.
  • You must call an authority or agency specialized in these cases. That is, find someone to remove the tree.
  • Request a cleaning and inspection of your roof through a reliable contractor agency.

This last point is very important since many times we do not take into account who are the professionals who are in charge of the revision of our roof. They are the ones who will tell us what we should do to recover the structure or replace it, as the case may be. If you still do not have the right team for this task, we have a solution for you.

Excellence Contractors Group takes care of tree damage

For any accident that occurs on your roof you will need to verify what the damage was. You also need to remove the debris from a tree falling on your roof and make the necessary repairs. For this and more there is a company that can help you anywhere in Georgia.

Excellence Contractors Group is one of the companies that excels when it comes to roof repair. Once the problem occurs and you’ve figured out what to do about the tree, it’s time to get to work. To do this, you can consult us in a first call that guarantees you a free inspection. Our more than 15 years of experience repairing roofs will be enough to find solutions.

Of course we care about your budget and that’s why we look for options that suit you. This is the best way to prevent you from not being able to complete those home repair goals quickly. In addition, you will also have access to the best materials to replace those that have been damaged by the tree.

An accident resulting from a tree falling on your roof is extremely normal and that is why you should look for quick solutions. Excellence Contractors is the best option when you want to work effectively with the help of professionals and the best construction brands. Contact us and you will find out why we are the favorite of Georgia homeowners.

For Excellence Contractors a tree is not a problem!

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