Attic insulation

The most accessible way to find out if your attic needs new insulation, is to look at your roof on a chilly morning, If you look at parts of your roof and there is frost in top melting away; then the heat is unsteadily escaping your home. And the same happened in summer and it’s hard to tell that your home may not be holding temperature regularly and you are paying each month more of what you are supposed to be paying in your utility bill.
Other ways to see if need new attic insulation is to look at your attic. If you see your ceiling joints you don’t have enough insulation! In Georgia, you may have a minimum of R-38 or about 15” of insulation in your attic.

When you improved your Attic insulation in your home you can decrease the heating and cooling cost by up to 31%.

ECG is now offering Attic insulation as an extra service for our valued customers. We use the most well-known insulation material in the market available.
Quality installation
The spray foam insulation installation takes years to perfect and we work with fully insured and licensed installers backed with decades of experience delivering superior service.
We have grown a trusted reputation for providing the highest quality service because our customer’s insulation needs are met for each customized project and we work hand-on-hand with our customers in order to develop long-term relationships.
Our company is recognized for attention to detail and efficiency and our cost estimates are based on your projects. We are also able to provide payment plans to keep costs down and stay on budget. Above all we are committed to completing your project on time.
Apply spray foam insulation to achieve the energy bill of your dreams! ECG can address problem areas such as attics, garage ceilings, bonus rooms, crawl spaces and basements.
Incorporate spray foam insulation in remodeling projects as an effective method for energy efficiency. Whether it is a home, a backyard shed, or separated garages ECG has the solution for you to save energy!