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Today we want you to learn why GAF reflective solar shingles are an excellent choice when we want to protect our home. First of all, we must talk about what has been one of the great companies that has dominated the construction market in the United States. Although they have been manufacturing various construction materials for years, there is one area that is a priority for this company. 

We are, of course, referring to roofing, whether for domestic or commercial use. GAF has focused all its efforts on creating materials that stand out above the rest. How has it done this? By meeting the needs of its customers. In other words, the key is to look for options to solve any problem that may arise in the home. 

Roofs are always a reason for study and investment. This is so because it is the only way to protect our home as a whole. After all, this is the shield that, for example, prevents water or snow from entering inside our home. However, it cannot be maintained by itself. That is why you should think about how to reinforce this area with the best materials. 

If there is one thing GAF stands out for, it is for its innovative proposals that allow us to combat the effects of the sun. We know that the constant exposure of our house to the sun’s rays can end up deteriorating our life quality. Fortunately, through this famous company, new ways have been created to avoid the effects of solar radiation on our home. 

The use of reflective solar shingles has become widespread

To know GAF’s reflective solar shingles is to know that they are the best option to combat the effects of radiation. That is, it is a material widely used for its ability to reflect infrared and ultraviolet rays. In short, it combats the effects that the sun has on our house, mainly related to the temperature. 

Assured freshness

Depending on the type of construction, it can prevent heat from spreading to the interior of the house. If we rely on the use of solar reflective tiles, we find an excellent material to prevent high temperatures from being felt inside our home. 

The reason is simple, this material allows reflecting the heat outwards instead of allowing it to enter the property. This will be seen mainly in your attic, the area that usually suffers the most from external weather effects. 

Increased durability

Of course, it’s not just reflective technology that is the greatest virtue of GAF’s specialty shingles. Through DuraGrip adhesive, you can ensure that these materials won’t peel off your roof. It is estimated that their strength can withstand winds of up to 130 mph.

Cooling made easy

There are two ways to look at why it’s so good to have a roof with GAF reflective shingles. On the one hand, you’ll be able to ensure that the inside of your home stays cool even during the hottest times. This helps to avoid the use of air conditioning at times when it really isn’t necessary. 

However, the use of an air conditioning system itself benefits from reflective shingles. These allow you to not have to spend as much electricity to lower the temperature in your home. In other words, you will spend less on this service regardless of outside conditions. 

Green buildings

It is clear that today much of the environmental problems that arise from pollution comes from energy production. Focusing efforts on buildings that use less electricity is a great way to contribute to the fight against the greenhouse effect and the deterioration of our planet. 

Use GAF reflective shingles installed by the best

When we talk about GAF’s reflective solar shingles, we have a high quality product in front of us. You know the benefits, you know the company, do you know who will help you install it? The process of placing materials on our roof is important if we want them to have a better performance. Otherwise, we can have serious problems with leaks, humidity and of course, heat incidence in our home. 

We should always count on qualified personnel when making improvements to our property. Much more if we are starting from 0 and we want to save on problems that may arise in the future. If you do not have contractors at your service that can help you with this task, we have a solution for you. 

In Georgia the topic of construction is becoming more and more relevant. That is, we are seeing more and more people planning their new home or improvements to their current property. Don’t be left out of this movement when you can access the best professionals in roofing construction. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of materials such as shingles, we know how to help. 

Install reflective shingles with Excellence Contractors Group

When it comes to installing GAF solar reflective shingles on your property, you should trust the Excellence Contractors Group. This is a professional and expert association in the field of construction. Any improvements you have planned for your home should be done by someone who knows what they are talking about. 

Fortunately in this company are the most experienced contractors and with a vocation to serve. That is why the moment you contact us, you will have access to a free inspection for your roof. This way you will be able to evaluate what other solutions you need beyond the use of reflective shingles.

Protecting your roof is protecting the investment you’ve made in a new home. We know this is a long time in the making, with many repairs done and more to come. That’s why you must have experts who have the same sense of ownership for your home as you do. Work with Excellence Contractors Group and you will discover how to take care of your property.  

With Excellence Contractors you will access to the best shingles

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