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Know what the signs are that your home needs a new roof now 🏚️

If you’re wondering how to know if a home has a new roof, today you can find out. It is certainly difficult to know in depth all the details that surround our roof. After all, it is a structure that is characterized by having different parts that must be taken care of. This makes planning more and more important in order to always get the best out of our investments.

Obviously a roof is like any other material object, it is not eternal. In fact, few people think about how much money should be invested to keep a house in perfect condition. However, that is precisely why you should also know who are the ones who will help you establish to what extent your house needs some repair.

Roofs are usually the ones that bear the brunt of all the problems that usually plague houses. Especially if we refer to the rains and snow, which wreak havoc on it. Little by little the structure weakens until it becomes unsustainable. It is at that point that a repair or replacement will help you take care of the heritage in which you have invested so much.

Now then. When buying a property, it is very important to observe every detail of it. Knowing if you have a new roof in your hands or if you still have a lot of work to do will save you problems. That is why today we want you to learn which are the signs that indicate that your new home has a new roof. Details that will help you improve any future problems.

How to know if your home has a new roof

Replacing a roof will allow you to take care of your home

Why is it important to know if your home has a new roof? Perhaps one of the moments in which we should pay more attention is during the purchase of a new house, you may be offering a product in perfect condition, but you will not know this until you fully evaluate it. At the end of the day, the valuation of a house does not go through the opinion of its owner.

The truth is that each house has details that must be known and that define its value. Starting with the age, the style of construction, the materials used and, of course, the repairs. The fact of having a house with a roof that has been repaired implies that you will have fewer problems thanks to the reinforcements that were applied on it.

However, on many occasions there may be problems that are out of our hands. We are referring to those roofs that are not new, but are already many years old with few repairs. It may seem difficult to detect, but there are many important factors in this regard.

Evaluate the shingles

The most noticeable symptoms of whether or not we have a new roof are usually centered on the shingles. It happens that if we find cracks or stain formations on them, we can be sure that that roof is already many years old without having been replaced. Other details also include the lifting of the shingles.

That is, wind is a factor that causes shingles to lift off the roof. This is something that should not happen, as the shingles should be held evenly over the surface. Therefore, if you notice that something like this has happened, you can already suspect that you should replace that roof.


Also, the areas of the roof that appear sunken end up being determinant to know whether or not a roof requires replacement. That is to say, we associate sinking shingles with areas that are rotten or that are retaining a lot of moisture. You must remember that this can easily spread to the interior of the house.


It should be understood that fungus is also due to the same moisture problem that we have already mentioned. If the dark spots spread noticeably on the tiles, we can know that there are problems with fungi or algae. Therefore, that roof is not new and requires very important attention. This in order to avoid major problems such as the loss of the protective effects of the shingles.

Easily detect when a roof is new and when it is not

Knowing when a home has a new roof is an art that can only be accomplished by professionals in this type of structure. There may be details that are noticeable to the naked eye, such as staining and lifting, but many others are not. It is there where the professional eye can detect the flaws or lack thereof, letting you know what to do with your roof.

Knowing when it’s the ideal time to replace your roof helps you make an investment that you’ll be able to get a good return on. After all, having a home means making improvements that allow you to increase its value and take care of your equity. This is something for which you should hire professionals who know exactly what to do.

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