Replacing a roof of the house is a very time consuming and a difficult task, which should be taken seriously. Since every roof wears off after a time being. When the day comes to replace your roof, it’s essential to know what steps to take for the job to be done. Even if you’re going to appoint someone for the job you need to know what goes into the whole process, so that you understand what it is to be expected. Given below are some essential steps for replacing the roof.

Set up to replace the roof

For any mishaps like accidental drops you should make sure to keep the trash container set up as near to your house as possible and also for some extra protection keep some drop clothes around the roof underside. For any accidental slipping of shingles or individuals set up a series of roof jacks along the bottom of the roof holdings of the size 2×10. Also, buy a safety harness and fix it to the top of the roof to avoid falling off while roofing replacement in Forsyth.

Clear out any waste of the Old Roofing

In order to install a new roof you need to make sure to remove the old one. To remove an asphalt shingle roof, you need to push a shingle fork under the shingles and push them up for the old roof to curl off the roofing. Start by removing the shingles of the ridge cap and work the fork under each row of shingles until they shed. Make sure to dispose of the detached shingles into the trash container. In order for all the shingles to be removed you need to work your way down the roof.

For the second step which is the removal of the metal roof, either use a large pry bar or you could also use a drill if the screws are not weathered. To break the eastern holding panels, gently take off the ridge cap and remove all the fasteners on one side to side panel. When the panel has completely loosened its grip pull it off to the ground. Repeat the same process until all the panels are not removed during roofing replacement in Forsyth.

Switch Old Flashing

Inspect the roof flashing after all the roofing has been washed off. Flashing is mounted over roof joints to avoid water from flowing into the ceiling. For the water to not sweep under make sure the flashing is done at the roofs valleys, vents and the chimney. Once the flashing is repaired or replaced start with the fresh under laying.

Put the under laying down

First phase of under laying is to lay ice and water as a barrier. Which could also be used as extra protection.  Toe the ice and water barrier for structural rigidity throughout the top of the ceiling and then install the underlay that you’ve chosen. Start to run the underlay over the ice and water barrier on the top of the ceiling and drip bar. Place the cap sticks down every four to six inches and spread them to about eight to ten inches around the rest of the under laying.

Intersect the first row with the next with a minimum distance of six inches following the nailing pattern of close edge nails and then spreading more towards the middle. Repeat the same steps all over again until just below the ridge of the roof. Complete the under laying by pushing the fabric over the ridge to fall down and cover the bottom edge of both under laying rows on either side. Strongly fasten both smaller corners of the under laying and complete the setup.

Putting the New Roof

For installing a new roof make sure to follow all the directions from the manufacturer to get the new roof down. For a shingle roof different instructions are to be taken in consideration and for metal roof different.

Roofing Replacement in Forsyth would be made easy if you follow the given steps above. Before you start replacing the roof make sure to plan everything for the weather, what equipment’s are needed and for how long. So that the work is done smoothly and the project is completed before there are any weather changes along the way.

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