It is hard to imagine such a pleasant calm after a thundering storm

Sometimes we encounter really difficult situations from which it seems there is no escape. Financial problems, chronic illness, the loss of someone dear to us. We could sit here for a whole day and tell you what are the worst things that can happen to someone. However, what really matters is how you are going to get up after having gone through an unfavorable period. 

We can take the example of people who were in decline and in the blink of an eye managed to overcome. Do you know names like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Not everything has been success and prosperity in the lives of great entrepreneurs. For example, the founder of Apple was fired from the same company at one point in his life. However, we all know what happened next. 

The same happened to Gates, who initially tried to take a data company to the top and failed miserably. However, after several attempts, he finally managed to turn Microsoft into a technological giant. 

Of course, the problems are not always economic; many times people have come to suffer from illnesses that could condition their lives. In this sense, doctors must do their job and inform the affected person of the possible consequences. And of course, things could be much easier if you have the support of people who believe in you. However, this is not always the case. 

If we add family problems to a delicate health situation, it seems that we are facing an abyss from which it is difficult to escape. However, history continues to show us that this is not true, since there are people who bet on success regardless of the situation

A success that seemed impossible


I am currently managing two of the best-known companies in the construction sector, but it was a long road. Before 2006 I never thought about how hard life could hit me. . We might think that vacations are to be enjoyed with our family. However, I suffered an accident that will leave a big mark on her life. 

A sledding accident left me disabled, not just minor injuries, but I would not be able to walk. This means I would be unable to perform almost any kind of work. For a person who has always sought to better herself, this would be a major setback from which few would be able to rise. 

In addition to this, I did not exactly have the support of my immediate family during the rehabilitation period. Due to a relationship that brought me more problems than solutions, I had to face long days of therapy alone in order to fight against the doctors’ word. I think that the most important thing, beyond a good physical condition, was to have a good mentality. 

Historically, women have been seen as the weaker sex, however, but after this I feel it is a mistake. After a relentless struggle with the help of physical therapists, I not only walk again. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and this case is no exception

I came back stronger than ever, with a mindset that will finally help me turn my life around. I went from thinking I couldn’t walk to thinking I can do anything I want. Plus, It leave us with the valuable lesson that it’s only darkest when it’s about to dawn. 

An example of life

Currently I serve as CEO of two of the most prestigious companies in the construction industry. It seems hard to think that a person who couldn’t walk is now making companies as big as Excellence Contractors Group and Buy & Sell Roofing Supply walk. 

If there is one reason I never gave up, it was for my daughters. No matter what happened, I just wanted to give them a better future and be there for them at all times. It was never in my plans to stop prospering together with my family no matter if there were those who were against me. 

Examples like this show us the importance of working hard for our dreams. If I have a motto that could govern my actions it would be: “There are no incapable people, there are incapable minds”.I have never thought of myself as an incapable person, I have always thought that. When you blindly believe that you can achieve something, you will be on the road to success.

What is the key? How can we get out of that wheelchair? No one has ever said that it is easy or that a person is born destined for success. Each person forges his or her own path with his or her actions. For many people it is much easier to give up, but today I want to make a wake-up call. The fact that a path is easy does not mean that it is the right thing to do. 

I didn’t tell my story just to brag that I made it. I do it because I want everyone who finds themselves in such a complicated situation to know that there is always calm after the storm. Success is not reserved for the few, it depends on your own effort and your desire to reach it. If you want to know more information about the interview in which I had the honor to talk about my experiences, click here

The motto is never give up

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