Metal roofing helps to protect flat roofs

Can a metal roof be installed on a flat roof? Learn all about it 🧰

With a metal roof on a flat roof you can gain several benefits that you may not have known about. Nowadays many people want to find options that are superior performance for their roofs. That is to say, we know that there are several options that we can choose from. However, do you know which one will be the most efficient? You would have to try them all until you find the right one.

Flat roofs have their own characteristics, standing out for being extremely elegant and futuristic. When you see a house with a flat roof, you know that it is a more modern construction. In addition, it saves costs on shingles when installed and this also makes it a lightweight structure compared to pitched roofs, making it a popular choice for many homeowners for their homes.

Metal roofs are also widely recognized in the construction world. Especially for being lighter in weight and energy efficient. When you have a roof made of sheet metal, you know that you are going to be able to save a lot of electricity because they reflect heat. That makes them an excellent choice for almost any property.

Now, is it possible to combine the benefits of both types of roofing? We are talking about a job that can be complex but not impossible. That’s why today we’ll teach you everything you should know about metal flat roofs. From how you can install them to the why of it.

Flat metal roofs are a reality today

Metal roofs on flat roofs also need maintenance

Using a metal roof on a flat roof is something that might be thought of as implausible. In fact, few people are aware of this possibility. It is usually ignored since flat roofs usually have other materials on their surfaces. However, do you know why you should merge it with a metal roof?

The benefits that are known about metal roofs are focused on the energy section. Even though they are also durable and elegant, the main reason why they are installed is to decrease the sensation of heat. Something that makes air conditioners work overloaded, increasing electricity costs. Can this benefit be obtained in flat roofs?

Non-sloped roofs are more delicate

Even within flat roofs there is a section for those that actually have no pitch at all. This makes them structures that get little benefit from having a metal roof installed on them. Once it rains, the accumulated water begins to deteriorate the metal, especially since there is no proper drainage.

Minimally pitched roofs are a good option

If a flat roof has some slope, but not too much, it will be perfect to apply a metal roof over it. This is because standing water will no longer be a problem for you. Therefore, you should choose a roof with minimal slope to use metal materials. This way you will not lose your money or have complications in the medium and long term.

How to put a metal roof on a flat roof?

There are several ways to put a metal roof on a flat roof. Contractors, who work constantly in this type of process, have knowledge of which are the most appropriate techniques for this purpose. That is why it is convenient to go to them to know which are the best specific options for your roof.

Of course, the techniques used are very well defined and often tend to be the same. Among these we can find the following:

  • In the first case, a compact modernization process is carried out, characterized by the immediate installation of the metal on the structure. In other words, the flat roof is directly covered by the metal sheets without further complications. When this occurs at no time are characteristics such as roof height or slope alternated. This is because the adhesion is uniform.
  • On the other hand, we find modernization dependent on a truss rearrangement. In these cases, the contractor will build a new truss over the flat roof in order to change the height or pitch of the new roof. This means that you can easily have a pitched metal roof over a flat or low slope roof.

However, this process is complex and requires skilled labor. Not just any contractor is going to be able to do everything you need to make your retrofit project a success. Therefore, you need to know where the real professionals are that can help you with this job. Don’t know yet? It’s time to find out.

ECG Contractors installs metal roofs over flat roofs

If you are looking for a solution to install metal roofing on flat roofs we have the most appropriate solution. ECG Contractors is currently a very important agency in the construction sector that deals with all kinds of processes related to roofing. That is why it will also be an option to consider if you want to renew the structure of your roof.

You may think that your current flat roof is fine, but it never hurts to make an investment of this style. Not only will you be able to put a more durable protection over your current roof structure. You will also be able to change the look of your roof, adding more value to your property. Remember that the purpose of investing so much money in your property is that you can see results in the long term.

The truth is that at ECG Contractors we are known for striving for excellence at all times. That’s why the contractors you’ll find here are dedicated professionals willing to help you whenever you need it. We’ll even perform a free initial inspection during your call to learn more about what’s going on with your roof. This is an advantage that few agencies give.

If you want to install a metal roof over your existing roof this is your chance. Contact us through our website and you will be able to achieve this goal easily. From now on, you will have an excellent quality roof at all times.

Metal roofing over flat roofs with ECG Contractors!

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