It is important to avoid frequent mistakes with roofing shingles 🧰

It is very common for mistakes in roofing shingles to become real problems for the entire structure. As the most external materials that are part of the dome of a house, it is important to know exactly what to do with them. Any mistake or improper procedure will end up being terrible if not corrected at the time.

Building a house is a broad and complex process that involves many phases. Obviously, the foundation must be laid and then the entire structure must be built. This leads to the roof being the last phase before going into decorative details. One of the problems that this generates is the fact that this part is neglected.

It may be understandable, since a mistake in the roof is easier to repair than a problem in the foundation of the house. However, this is not justifiable, since it is still a considerable expense for the owner of the house. In this situation, the best thing to do is to avoid the mistakes that happen with roof tiles.

Do you know what you can do to avoid problems with your roof? Today we want you to first of all know the mistakes that usually surround the installation and maintenance of the shingles. From these, you can get an idea of how to avoid them and thus eliminate any possibility of unnecessary problems.

What are the most common shingle mistakes?

Certainly the installation of roofing shingles and their mistakes are a very important topic among contractors. That is, they try to provide the best service to every customer, but sometimes details become very important. That is why, even for homeowners, it is important to know about mistakes like the ones mentioned below.

The use of starter shingles

One of the most important types of shingles to consider are starter shingles. These stand out because they are the first line of shingles that will serve as a guide and support for the rows that will be placed along the roof. However, many contractors tend to neglect the importance of these shingles for a strong and resistant roof.

In addition, some people forget that the starter shingles are also important to protect the roof from water. Underneath the shingles there is usually an area that is very vulnerable to the passage of water and therefore reinforcement is required.

It is not only important that the starter strip shingles are laid, but also that the process is correct. Otherwise, similar problems such as water leaks or deflections in the rows of shingles will occur. These will obviously become problems for the whole house.

Mistakes when nailing shingles

Obviously the use of fasteners is one of the most important parts of the process. That is to say, it is that moment when we have to use resistant materials to leave them in place. Some mistakes in the nailing process have to do especially with the use of tools.

When using nailers that work with pressurized air, these must be adjusted according to the material of the shingles. If the nail or fastener does not penetrate properly, the shingle will be misadjusted and may fall off. In addition, measurements must be accurate to avoid any deviation in the rows of shingles.

Alignment problems

As we have advanced in the previous mistakes, shingle alignment is a crucial factor. You can’t expect your roof to remain in perfect condition if your contractor doesn’t pay attention to this. The most important thing is to follow the designated pattern for each type of shingle depending on the make and model.

In this regard it is important to pay attention to both the initial shingle alignment and the nailing process. In this way you ensure that each row follows the established pattern and becomes a rigid dome that will not yield to the winds; in addition, there will be no gaps where water can penetrate.

How to avoid mistakes with shingles?

Certainly, mistakes with roof shingles are frequent, however, it is difficult to avoid them being owners. Actually the control of them goes through the hands of the contractors, being them the ones who carry out the process. Therefore, your task as a property owner is to choose well who will be in charge of all the roofing processes.

Having a professional work team is very important for a successful roofing installation. That is, they should be experienced and responsible contractors, factors that you will not be told about before hiring them. That is, you will discover them as you go through the construction process and for this, we can’t bet on luck.

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