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When we talk about what is the drip edge on a roof we refer to one of the key points in the construction of our roof. We must know that today the rains represent more than just good sleeping weather. When you finally acquire ownership of a house you will have to start thinking about the care it requires.

One of the great dangers of the rains lies in the storage of water inside the shingles. This can trigger a series of problems that end up deteriorating the functions that these shingles fulfill in our roof. This is where we must consider drip edges as an indispensable element in roof construction.

How does it work? It is a kind of “L” shaped sheet extended along the entire edge of the first line of shingles; it is usually made of metallic materials to ensure a long service life. Is an element that fulfills a very important function when we refer to the effect of rain on our roof.

That is to say, thanks to the drip edge you can make sure that the water falls directly into the gutters. In other words, it will not be stored underneath the shingles. Despite being such a fundamental part of the roof, not many people take into consideration how it works. For that reason we must understand its importance within the drainage system of our roof.

It is important to check the drip edges on the roof


What is the drip edge on a roof? This system is important and often goes unnoticed. Your house may have it and you may not even know it. However, the first step is always to know if the roof of our property has the drip system in good condition.

As we had already stated, the main function of the drip edge is to make the water go down directly into the gutters. It does this by taking advantage of the properties of the droplets to adhere to surfaces through surface tension. If you do not have a gutter, you will still be preventing water from flowing into the gutter. The latter could end up deteriorating the material.

The function of the drip edge is also important to prevent the wind from pushing the water towards the interior of the roof. This is especially true when there are storms with high wind speeds that overcome the force of gravity that pulls the drops. Otherwise, rain and wind could end up seriously damaging our roof.

Generally speaking, we speak of metal as the main material from which roof drip edges are made. However, it is important to note that there are different types of materials with special characteristics for this part of our house, for example:

  • Copper, which is usually used with a weight of approximately 20 ounces.
  • Aluminum is another of the most known materials to be part of the drip edge. It is resistant against corrosion and also comes in different colors.
  • Galvanized steel totally avoids the possibilities of rusting. A 24 gauge is usually used for maximum resistance against wind and rain.

Use only the best drip edge materials

Now that you know what is drip edge on a roof it is time to decide where you are going to buy it. This is a very important material that will allow us to extend the life of our roof. Otherwise you will have to make more frequent repairs and even roof replacements.

Not only are there different types of materials, but the shape of the drip edges also changes. That is why we can sometimes come across models such as the following:

  • Drip edge type D: This acquires a ti shape as it has a small perpendicular flange underneath to draw water away from the flashing.
  • Drip Edge type F: It usually has larger proportions, so it can be installed on sloping edges.
  • Drip edge type C: This is the typical 90ยฐ “L” shaped drip edge that you will find almost anywhere.

Nowadays it is important to obey the building codes established in the United States. These codes detail the importance of every roof having a drip edge. Therefore, it is time for you to think about who will help you with the installation or repair of this part of your property.

Having professional help will help you to reduce the errors that can occur in the installation of drip edge repair. That’s why you should work with the company we present to you today. This way you can guarantee that your roof and each of its components will last for many years.

At Excellence Contractors Group we specialize in drip edges

Now that you know what a drip edge on a roof is, we at Excellence Contractors Group help you with the rest. We are a company that for years has remained one of the best roofing installation contractor organizations; we always respond at the right time to provide you with our support and experience for the construction of a quality roof.

Work only with materials produced by the best construction companies and this is our guarantee of a job well done. You shouldn’t think twice about securing the future of your property. It starts with protection against the effects of rain and high wind speeds.

Owning a home is a big investment that we must protect and drip edges are a great way to accomplish this. They are not complicated to install, but the final word will always be with the construction expert. That is, everything related to what material to use, edging style, maintenance and more.

Since we know that you are interested in making your property more secure, we should start by protecting your roof. Contact us and you can be sure to work with professionals committed to your home. The first call would involve a free inspection from us so you don’t have to hesitate.

The best drip edges with Excellence Contractors Group

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