Why do roofs get blown off during a storm? Time to find out 🌧️

Many people wonder why roofs get blown off during a storm. First of all, it is very important to note that this type of weather phenomenon is extremely common in Georgia and throughout the United States. For this very reason it is normal to hear about the presence of tornadoes and hurricanes in the news.

The mild weather means that just a Google search for “U.S. storms” brings up many news stories and forecasts. For this reason, it is important that buildings are constructed with the ability to withstand inclement weather, especially outdoor areas. These are the most exposed to high wind speeds.

A storm involves a series of phenomena such as intense electrical discharges, translated into thunder and lightning. However, it is the rains and winds that should really concern any homeowner. After all, our investment of many years could be at risk and that is why it is important that you protect it properly.

They say that rainy days are for sleeping and resting, and this is true. However, being worried or stressed about damage to your home is not a good way to relax. If you want to take the day off when the forecast calls for heavy rains or storms, you must first secure your home’s future.

Want solutions to make your property last longer? The first step is to focus on your roof, the area that is most directly exposed to storms. This is the one you should reinforce to avoid future problems.

They say that roofs blow off, is it true?


What problems can arise with storms? The external structures of our roof are not always very resistant. They can deteriorate and peel off. In addition, rains also have a negative effect, creating leaks and increasing the level of humidity. This can eventually deteriorate the entire internal structure of the roof and create serious health problems.

However, why roofs get  blown off during storms is what we should be most concerned about. We know that roofs are made up of a large number of shingles that serve to protect against water, heat and other natural agents. However, once the high-speed winds start, things get a bit more complicated.

1. Osmosis mechanism

One of the pathways through which storms blow off roofs is osmosis. High wind speeds on the outside usually exert a lower pressure than the pressure exerted from the inside of the wind. There comes a point at which the air inside seeks an outlet to where there is less pressure, a mechanism of osmosis or equilibrium that happens in any medium.

This causes the air particles to lift the roof when they leave, and that is why the roof is blown off.

2. Beware of sheet metal

It is also important to note the lifting of metal roofs. These are usually much lighter and are considered an advantage when moving and installation. However, it is precisely because of this that storm winds have a great ease of detachment of this type of roofing.

To ensure that storms do not blow off roofs, provisions must be made

It is true that weather phenomena are the main responsible for detaching roofs. That is to say, not only storms can damage the structure, but also snowfalls or continuous temperature variations. However, there are other factors that also have a significant influence on the stability of a roof.

Why do roofs get blown off during a storm? Preliminary care is extremely important. That is to say, the damage produced by previous storms or phenomena must be followed up to know what can happen in the future. This is one of the ways to determine what steps to take in order to avoid roof detachment.

That is, if you carry out inspections from time to time, especially after several storms. You can know how to reinforce the structure. Once that procedure is done, all that is left is to shop for materials and repair the key points that may have started to detach.

A single storm is not going to completely blow off your roof, this is a process that takes time. However, no one wants to have a similar problem in a home in which a lot of money has already been invested. That’s why you need to prevent any damage, and the best way to do that is to work with construction experts.

Do you want to prevent your roof from blowing off? Today we bring the best option for you. This is a company that specializes in avoiding any problems with storms or other weather phenomena on your property.

Excellence Contractors specializes in storm roof problems

Have you had problems with rain or hurricane force winds on your home? It’s not uncommon in Georgia. Many people must make large investments to avoid losing their homes. However, today you can reduce the costs of improvements and installations and additionally, work with the best building materials.

You know why roofs get blown off during a storm, now you need to know how to avoid it. Excellence Contractors Group is the roof installation and maintenance specialist company you need. This, because it will be able to perform comprehensive inspections that will help you determine how to prevent materials from blowing off.

In fact, the first inspection you do with us is free and will help you see how far the effects of storms reach. From there. You can determine the best way to reinforce your roof structure with the quality materials you can purchase through our website. In other words, we solve more than one problem in terms of installations and repairs.

It may seem difficult to face the effects of storms but with the professionals of Excellence Contractors you will be able to do it. Contact us anytime and you will see why we are the best in roof maintenance. No time of the year will be as strong as the solutions we propose here.

Defend your roof from being blown off with Excellence Contractors!

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