Is the combination of asphalt shingles and metal sheets possible? ⚙️

Combination asphalt shingles and metal roofing in Suwanee, Georgia is a more relevant topic than it seems. Many times contractors are often asked about this possibility, and it’s not something new either. After all, this mixture has been seen on different houses for many years.

If you are wondering if there is such a possibility the short answer is yes. Many people have done this procedure and have not been displeased with the results. However, there are many things to consider regarding this combination. That is, this is not a job that can be done by just anyone. It pays to have an experienced contractor help us with the roof tile mix.

The shingles are designed to work together. It is highly unlikely that any company would consider combining different types of shingles when manufacturing shingles. Especially since such manufacturers work specifically with asphalt shingles or sheet metal. Everyone expects roofs to be made of metal or asphalt only.

However in reality things change. Each person makes the choices they want and so construction methods like this appear. You know it is possible but we must talk a little bit in depth about it. What happens when you combine types of roof tiles? Is it an efficient method? The roof is in charge of protecting a house and that is the function we must preserve.

Find out if you can really combine asphalt shingles and metal roofing


After answering whether asphalt shingles and metal roofing can be combined in Suwanee, Georgia we must know how it is done. It is actually possible to create a roof which doubles its strength with the collaboration of both systems. However, this requires several precautions and the use of the right materials.

Installing a metal roof over an asphalt roof

This is one of the variants which consists of placing metal sheets over a roof previously built with asphalt shingles. In any case, the reason why many people opt for this work is because of the cost savings. That is, putting on a metal roof does not require the removal of asphalt shingles. Therefore, you won’t spend as much money on a hypothetical roof replacement.

Of course, it’s not just putting on a new roof and that’s it. Normally, a previous inspection should be performed in order to examine the roof components. If you notice deterioration in the support system, this area will have to be replaced. Otherwise your roof will continue to deteriorate even though you have installed new sheeting.

Metal roofing retains its benefits

We have always noted that metal roofs are characterized by very particular benefits. The sheets are lightweight and therefore easy to transport. Also, the installation is not that messy which saves you time. On top of that, they are excellent heat reflectors. That’s why they prevent the temperature in your attic from rising.

It prevents shingles from deteriorating

But of course, all these benefits depend on how well the job is done. In addition to looking for leaks or weakening in the structure, you should also think about the use of some kind of underlayment between the asphalt roof and the metal roof. This way you can prevent the metal from coming in contact with the shingles. Remember that this can result in the deterioration of the asphalt and the granules it contains.

Metal roofing with asphalt shingles confers several benefits

Combining metal roofing with asphalt shingles in Suwanee, Georgia can help you create a stronger structure. Working with professionals is key when it comes to mixing both types of roofing as it offers you the following advantages:

  • The roof will be able to be preserved for much longer. It is estimated that the sheet metal will not have to be replaced for up to 60 years after it is installed. And that’s without the additional expense of tearing off the old roof.
  • You’ll have a great waterproof and durable coating. After all, this is an asphalt roof covered by an underlayment that reinforces the structure and sheet metal. Neither rain nor hail will be a problem for this combination.
  • Repairs will be reduced as metal roofs usually do not need wings. Protect the asphalt and the rest of the building.

Clearly, the benefits of covering an asphalt shingle with sheet metal go a long way. However, you must remember to perform a previous inspection. Then it is also important that you work with the best contractors to make the construction perfect. If you don’t have a trusted professional today we have the best option for you.

The time has come to secure the future of your property. This can be easily accomplished once you work with the most reputable roofers in Georgia. If you want more information, you are about to learn all you need to know.

Excellence Contractors Group helps you combine metal and asphalt

For a combination of asphalt shingles and metal roofing in Suwanee, Georgia you should work with Excellence Contractors Group. After all, the inspection as well as the installation and maintenance should be carried out by the best professionals. Fortunately here we offer the best services when it comes to roofing work.

When you install a metal roof, you want to avoid long-term concerns. To achieve this you must invest in quality materials. At Excellence Contractors we also help you work with the best brands in the construction market. Use only the high quality products offered by the leading suppliers in Georgia.

When it comes to combining roofing types, there is no doubt that this is the ideal place. As we already told you, the inspection is the basis and in this case it is completely free. All you have to do is contact us and in less than an hour we will be ready to assist you at your home. We like to be that option you can count on any time you need it.

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