Find out what causes those dark stains on your roof shingles 🏚️

Do you know what causes dark stains on your roof shingles? Today we want to give you some information to identify problems that require repair. For our home, warehouse or office we can only think about where we are going to invest to avoid problems in the future. However, many times we skip steps that end up causing serious damage to our roof.

The worst part is taken by the shingles since these are the ones that serve as a shield for the structure of our roof. It’s hard to know everything that can happen to damage them, but we can give you some clues. After all, experienced roofing professionals know about these cases. Our professionals can give you a differential opinion as to what decision you should make regarding your roof.

While using quality shingles is always a good option to avoid problems, it’s also not definitive. Houses and cars are similar because they are subject to constant damage. The investments you make should be focused on decreasing the frequency of such repairs. There are no easy ways, only work and foresight.

Being cautious with assets so important to your finances will prevent you from losing money. Don’t know how? Let’s start with dark stains on your roof. They are usually annoying, worrying, but it is not the end of the world. If you have professional advice you will be able to do the necessary work to avoid any damage on your roof.

What are the causes of those annoying dark stains on the shingles?

What causes black stains on your roof shingles? Let’s start by saying that shingles do not only prevent water leaks. They have many other functions such as ultraviolet reflection and physical defense. Of course, nowadays there are modern systems that offer more specific functions depending on the area where you live. In addition, they are also responsible for being the aesthetic part of the roof.

1. Weather has a major effect on shingle damage.

Why do we highlight the climate of the United States? Living in a country with a temperate climate means that there are constant temperature variations throughout the year. Conditions vary widely, ranging from drought, rain, snow and even hail. Storms also tend to deteriorate shingles, but this is not the problem with dark spots.

They are more a response to the effects of the constant humidity that often plagues different regions of Georgia. Water ingress and condensation on our roof ends up creating a terrible moisture problem that causes the stains. However, this is only the foundation on which a much more damaging problem is built.

2. Algae, the natural enemies of roof tiles

And if we talk about natural enemies, algae and fungi love to lodge in our tiles. This is not such a serious problem if it is eliminated from the beginning. However, those dark stains that we see on our roof also have another interpretation.

We are referring to the fact that algae can end up detaching the granules that are in our shingles. These are the ones that perform the function of protecting our roof against the effects of the sun’s UV rays. This means that humidity worsens, electrical consumption increases and the shingles lose their functionality.

3. Algae can become difficult to remove

As we have said, algae do not really represent a danger if they are not left for a long time. However, once they combine with fungi they form a lichen. This is an organism that feeds on the contents of the shingle and takes root on it. Therefore, this is when we can write off our shingles. They will not perform their functions properly giving way to problems with UV rays.

You must prevent dark stains on your roof shingles

Knowing what causes dark stains on your roof shingles comes the big question: Can this be avoided? Fortunately the answer is yes. Avoiding the effects of algae is possible regardless of whether you live in an area where moisture abounds. You just need to pay attention to the different procedures you can perform:

  • Make sure your roof has plenty of exposure to sunlight. This is important to prevent algae from growing and developing easily.
  • Prevent tree debris from accumulating on your roof, which allows algae to build up on different areas of your roof.
  • Clean both your roof and gutters frequently. The cleanup is important so that you can pull up any algae and fungus before it can take root.

Usually with these simple steps you will be able to avoid losing your roof shingles ahead of schedule. However, it may also be too late and you may be forced to replace your roof. Either way, you need to enlist the help of a roofing maintenance and installation professional. This way you will be able to control the microscopic pests that can lodge here.

Avoid dark stains on your roof with Excellence Contractors Group

Once you determine what’s causing the dark stains on your roof shingles, it’s time to take action. This is where Excellence Contractors Group comes in. With the help of the best contractors in Georgia you’ll be able to properly maintain your roof to prevent algae and fungus.

Once you call us you will have access to a completely free inspection, which will help determine the condition of your roof. Then the contractor will tell you what the solution is, maintenance or replacement. A professional’s opinion always carries weight in these cases and today we want to give you the best solutions for your roof.

Get rid of dark stains on your roof with Excellence Contractors Group!

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