Do you know how to cut asphalt shingles from your roof easily? 🧱

When we talk about how to cut asphalt roofing shingles there are many precautions to be taken. This is a very useful procedure for both installation and roof repair. However, not everyone knows exactly how to perform this process without accidents happening.

First of all it is important to clarify the importance of taking care of the materials you are using. That is to say, if you buy a certain number of shingles, you must take proper care of them.  If you make a bad cut or the process is not the right one, you risk losing it completely.

Besides, we are talking about a process that involves sharp objects. The cut can be made with a knife or a guillotine or similar elements. There are even machines specialized in cutting tiles at a very good cost. This is important when deciding exactly which procedure to use.

Do you want to find out the best way to cut asphalt shingles? This is one of the most commonly used materials in roofing installation, so it is important to know how to use it. This includes adapting the size of such material to our needs in the roof repair.

Of course, this is a procedure that you could perform by your own hands. Many people make cuts when they undertake to repair their roofs on their own. However, sometimes it is better to have a professional handle this. This way you can prevent unfortunate accidents from happening.

Learn step by step how to cut asphalt shingles


How many times have you not heard of asphalt shingles, those elements so essential in roofing construction? Asphalt is characterized by being an extremely cheap material compared to others such as clay. However, this in no way affects the quality it can have. In fact, it is one of the most durable shingles.

In addition, it also performs excellently when it comes to solar reflection. That is why many people need to know how to cut asphalt roofing shingles. Because they are the best option to lower the temperature inside their homes. Of course, for this it is important to perform a good installation.

Why should you cut shingles? The reasons are simple. Sometimes there are areas of the roof in which you can not place a complete tile. That is why it is important to know how to cut them in order to give them an adequate shape and size for the space on the roof.

Cutting process

It is important that you have all the necessary materials to make the cut. This will not be difficult since you will only need the asphalt shingles to be cut, a pencil, a tape measure and a knife or guillotine.

  • You must first measure the area where the shingles will be placed. This way you can be sure of the size you want.
  • Once the measurement is done, it is time to turn the tile over. The smoothest part should be facing upwards.
  • You should take the measurement on the tile itself to know where to make the cut. Prepare a knife to do the procedure.
  • Press the knife on the demarcated line so that you can cut the asphalt shingle.
  • Hold the shingle with both hands to separate the two pieces. This is because the knife does not cut through the full thickness of the shingle.

Cutting shingles is not that difficult

When cutting a tile you may feel nervous because good precision is required. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform the measuring and cutting processes properly. In addition, it is important to take into account some previous tips.

Knowing how to cut asphalt roofing shingles involves not cutting too sharply. That is, as much as you should apply pressure on the knife, this should be done lightly and without rapid movements. Otherwise, one of the following two consequences may occur:

  • The knife may lose its sharpness due to the material characteristics of asphalt shingles.
  • You may damage the area cut into the shingle, which will cause it to not fit properly into the designated space.

Although you can apparently perform this process yourself, this is not the best option. There are many other people who know about this and can guarantee that you won’t lose a shingle in the process. In addition, you will still need special roofing services to install them.

Repairing a roof requires professional work carried out by an expert in all the areas involved. That’s why you should always consider looking for a contractor who can help you. Don’t know someone you can trust? You should pay attention to the following offer.

Excellence Contractors Group, shingle cutting specialists

Construction in Georgia is advancing in an incredible way as well as related services. That’s why you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to build a quality roof. There are many contractor services and today you have access to the best of them all.

Don’t know how to cut asphalt roofing shingles? Don’t dare to do it even with the information? It’s normal that you want to take care of your assets and your purchases. That’s why today we bring you the best option of all when it comes to this procedure. We are talking about Excellence Contractors Group, the company that should be involved in your property.

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A roof must always have the best conditions in terms of materials and installation. This is the best way to avoid future accidents as well as problems with leaks and humidity. To ensure this, you must have the ability to cut the shingles properly and with us you can achieve this. Call us for more information about how you can access our services.

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