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For many people the installation of roofing felt on a house is a problem, however, today we will show you that this is not the case. As of today, there is no better way to protect the entire lower structure of our roof and that is why we should think about this. After all, we should always look for those investments that will really help us to lessen the damage to the roof.

Felt roofing is one of the elements that has gained the most popularity due to its utilities. It is installed under the layer of shingles, that is, above the roof deck. In this way it can produce better effects, seeking to avoid the problems derived from weather effects.

The preferred materials

It is one of the preferred materials when the aim is to guarantee the waterproofing of a roof. An important feature in order to avoid something as annoying as leaks, which damage the structure. However, the felt roof also fulfills other very important functions:

  • It acts as a second protective barrier in case the shingles break or wear out.
  • Allows configuring a barrier that is resistant against fires.
  • It prevents the resin produced by the roof framing materials from staining the shingles. This can deteriorate the shingles and is therefore also something to avoid.
  • It reduces the effects of freezing on the roof during the coldest seasons.

If we add to all this the water repellent effect of the bitumen that bathes the structure of the felt, we have an essential material. However, the functions it fulfills depend to a great extent on how it is installed.

It has often been repeated that it does not matter if you have the best quality materials for your roof. A bad installation will make them unable to protect the structure and therefore, you will have to make more repairs.

Steps to install a felt roof

For all of the above, it is extremely important to have professionals specialized in the installation of felt. In this way, you can avoid many problems that result in damage to both the felt and the rest of the roof. Something that does not help our economy and our house at all.

How to install a felt roof on a house, there are different procedures to achieve it. However, today we will show you the techniques used by professionals:

1. Previous steps

It is very important that the platform on which you are going to place the felt is in perfect condition. This means that you must clean it and make sure that no nails are sticking out of it, which could damage the new covering. In addition, no residue of old felt can remain in case you are going to replace it.

2. Felt

A first layer of felt should be installed, which should be attached to the wood mechanically. That is, metal fasteners should be used instead of adhesives. Galvanized nails are recommended, which are extremely strong for this job.

3. Felt reinforcement

On top of the first layer that we have fixed with nails, a layer of felt should be placed as if it were applied with adhesive. However, this must be done with the due precautions since it can happen that small quantities of air remain between the two layers placed. For this it is advisable to let it dry for a period of time.

4. Last layer

To achieve a total waterproofing, the last layer of felt with adhesive should be applied on top of the two that have already been placed. In this way we will be finalizing the installation process.

Secure the installation of the felt roof

Although the installation of a felt roof on a house may seem simple, this is not the case. It requires a good study of the roof conditions and the right knowledge. This is only acquired with previous experience in this type of procedure and therefore you should take into account when applying this material.

Felt is extremely useful and no one doubts this, but taking measurements, making cuts and nailing in the right place is the task of professionals. Therefore, if you are thinking of installing roofing felt, it is best that you consider talking to those who know the most about this process. This way you can avoid accidents, wrong installations and more money.

Remember that improperly performing processes on your roof can lead to more expenses than expected. Therefore, it is preferable to invest in quality work from the beginning. This is in addition to the fact that not everyone is willing to invest so much time in such work.

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