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Many times we decide to acquire and manage a house roof without knowing its parts. This is a serious mistake since a homeowner has a very important task which is maintenance. That is, to verify that every part of the house is in perfect condition and to act in case this is not the case. After all, such an investment requires ongoing expenses.

That’s right, unless you pay rent, you will have to spend on repairs or improvements. However, owning a property means that no one can take it away from you or take you out of it. In addition, every time you make a repair, you are increasing the value of the asset. This is very beneficial when it comes to obtaining more income from renting your property or a possible rental.

It is obvious that those who do not know about roofs will think that only roof tiles and gutters should be installed. However, there are different parts that serve different functions. In the end, all of them are oriented to the health of the roof itself so that it stays on the roof. Something that won’t happen if, for example, you don’t use the right materials.

However, before going into details about where to buy materials, you should talk about the different parts of the roof. After all, it is on the basis of them that you are going to make purchases to be able to improve your property or simply repair the damage caused by time.

The most important parts of the roof of a house


Evaluating the parts of a home’s roof is the first step to a successful repair. The same is true if you want to improve the structure already built with stronger materials even though no damage has occurred. Among the most important we can find the following:

1. Sheathing membranes

This is one of the most overlooked elements when it comes to roofing. The cladding can be made of different materials such as TPU or PVC, and is located in different parts of the roof. Their functions depend exclusively on where they are located:

  • At the base of the roof it allows the lower structure to be protected from the damaging effects of weather. In addition, it prevents the resin from the wood from reaching the shingles, causing significant damage.
  • In the eaves, where it is an indispensable element to combat one of the major evils of roofs. We are referring to leaks and water stagnation.

2. Ventilation

On many occasions the conditions of the climate and the own structure of the house do that the heat stays inside her. It is then when ventilation is required to remove the hot air and thus regulate the temperature. Of course, today this is part of the building codes in many states including Georgia.


3. Sheathing

This does not refer to the felt, TPU or PVC membrane we talked about earlier. Rather, it is a metal plate that serves as the surface for all of the exterior roofing components. In fact, it is on this cladding or decking that the shingles are nailed. It is therefore a fundamental element in the installation of a roof.

4. Deflector

This refers to an installation that is usually made between the rafters to facilitate the air outlet. This is made of polystyrene and is another of the pieces that allow greater durability in the wooden parts.

5. Flashing

This element can never be missing if you want to avoid water stagnation inside the roof. These are metal pieces, such as copper or aluminum, which are placed in places where the roof meets the walls. One of the classic examples are chimneys. Their function is to prevent water from penetrating these critical areas and thus forming leaks.

6. Gutters

They form the roof drainage, totally indispensable if what you want is to prevent water from accumulating on your roof during rains. This is what gives way to a series of damages that in the long run would be extremely costly for you. These especially stand out in low slope roofs, which have a hard time eliminating water.

7. Shingles

The great concern of homeowners is to have quality shingles. Not surprisingly, all parts of the roof are at the mercy of the strength of the shingles. These are placed above all and fulfill the function of protecting not only the components of the roof, but also the rest of the property.

The installation of the parts is very important

While it is true that there are many other parts on the roof of a house, the latter are the most relevant. However, more important than that is choosing exactly how you want to do the roofing installation job. For this, it turns out to be necessary to have the best contractors to take care of everything.

It is true that there are many companies in Georgia that assure you the best work, however, today we want you to access the best. This way you can avoid not only making excessive expenses, but also that in the long run the repair or improvement does not have the desired effect. That is, that it is damaged so quickly as to require a replacement sooner than expected.

Excellence Contractors takes care of all parts of the roof

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